What’s on Tap

Name Brewery Style ABV Price
Blanche de chambly Unibroue Belgium whit ale fermented with orange peel and coriander 5% $7/16oz $5/12oz $3.50/6oz
Summer Ale Fremont Ale bursting w/citrus & melon flavors, refreshing & imminently drinkable 5.9% $6/16oz $5/12oz $3.50/6oz
Ridgetop Red Silver City Full-bodied and smooth with a sweet caramel 4.9% $6/16oz $5/12oz $3.50/6oz
Black Butte Porter Deschutes Slightly hoppy porter w/notes of rich chocolate & coffee, luscious & creamy 5.2% $6/16oz $5/12oz $3.50/6oz
Yeti Imperial Stout Great Divide starts w/big, roasty malt flavor that gives way to rich caramel & toffee notes 9.5% $6/10oz $4/6oz
Pale Pike brewing Toasty, nutty, caramel malts w/hints of molasses w/a little velvety texture 5.0% $6/16oz $5/12oz $3.50/6oz
Trickster IPA Black Raven This well-balanced IPA has a light fruit, citrus & piney hop aroma w/a full hop flavor 6.8% $6/16oz $5/12oz $3.50/6oz
Ride the spiral DIPA Silver City Double IPA that is aggressive yet approachable that packs a punch of fruit flavor. Hazy IPA 8% $7/10oz $6/6oz
Bohemian Pilsner Bellevue Balanced pilsner w/herbal hops & soft, sweet malt w/subtle notes of cashew 5% $6/16oz $5/12oz $3.50/6oz
Pink Drink Crucible lightly tart & refreshing kettle sour brewed w/fresh raspberry puree 4.5% $6/10oz $4/6oz
Pom Cherry Winsome Nuanced pomegranate & cherry flavors on the palate, balanced & refreshing. 6.1% $7/16oz $6/12oz $4/6oz
Black Currant Bad Granny Cider w/a sweet berry taste & notes of blackberry, cherry & lemon, followed by a crisp, dry finish 6.9% $7/10oz $5/6oz

* Prices subject to change. Tax not included.