What’s on Tap

Name Brewery Style ABV Price
Nothing But Hazy Pale Ale Black Raven Well balanced IPA with a light fruit, citrus, and piney hop aroma with a full hop flavor 6.9% 64oz/$35 T/$7
Suicide Squeeze Fort George mosaic ammarillo, citra and hops front loaded with two barley and paired with malt 7% 64oz/$30 T/$6
Scotch Ale Bellevue Rich full body caramel goodness 7.7% 64oz/$21 P/$7
Baltic Porter Bainbridge Dark, malty, and chocolatey, with hints of raisin and plum 8% 64oz/$21 P/$6
Neon Kight Stout Sumerian Intensely flavored dark robust notes, dried fruits meld with delicious burnt tar-like notes 7.8% 64oz/$25 T/$5
Organic Hook Stash Pale Aslan Easy drinking, light bodied classic pale ale 5% 64oz/$18 P/$6
The Other Matt IPA Double Mtn Smooth, rounded and brimming with aromas of mango, sticky pineapple and tropical citrus 6.2% 64oz/$18 P/$6
Little Tahoma DIPA Two Beers West coast Double IPA – combination of Citra, mosaic and amarillo hops. Fruity 8.25% 64oz/$40 T/$8
Pilsner Black Raven Brewed with traditional Czech grown and malted barley for an authentic European malt flavor 6.9% 64oz/$18 P/$6
Bali Hai Rose Ale Scuttlebutt Brewed w/ Pomegranate & Hibiscus, a refreshing fruity flavor with citrus undertones 4.2% 64oz fill $30
Ginger Cider Ace Semi-dry cider w/ ginger & citrus 6.9% 64oz fill $21
Cascadia Cherry Cider Schilling Explosively juicy and perfectly balanced, this fruit forward cider is full of flavor with a hint of tartness and acidity 6.6% 64oz fill $35

* Prices subject to change. Tax not included.