What’s on Tap

Name Brewery Style ABV Price
Wooden Femur Boneyard Barrel aged Barleywine 11% $12/10oz $10/6oz
Island Fir DIRA San Juan Rich malty sweetness gives way to hoppy notes of pine and grapefruit 8% $9/10oz $7/6oz
Ridgetop Red Silvercity Full bodied and smooth with a sweet caramel flavor 6% $7/16oz $6/12oz $4.50/6oz
9 lb Porter Georgetown Roasted Chocolaty goodness 6.4% $7/16oz $6/12oz $4.50/6oz
Honey Oatmeal Stout Thirsty Crab This stout is full of roasted notes and a light honey sweetness w/ a slight hop kick 7.5% $7/16oz $6/12oz $4.50/6oz
Mirror Pond Pale Deschutes Crisp classic single hop pale 5% $7/16oz $6/12oz $4.50/6oz
Tropical Squeeze IPA Deschutes Sit back and relax as you let the waves of pineapple, citrus and mango wash over you 6.5% $7/16oz $6/12oz $4.50/6oz
Hustle DIPA Fremont Citrus high notes with sweet aromatics and a pine finish 9% $9/10oz $7/6oz
Skytower Pilsner Two Beers Dry-hopped and cold crashed for maximum crispness. Grassy and slightly tropical. 4.9% $7/16oz $6/12oz $4.50/6oz
Fog Horn Hopfenweisse Thirsty Crab A Hefeweizen w/ a hoppy kick. The zesty flavors of a German hefe meld w/ the hops and haze of the West Coast 6.4% $7/10oz $5/6oz
Yuzu Cider Tumalo Tart zesty yuzu citrus cider 6.5% $8/10oz $6/6oz
Prickly Pear Cider Incline Juicy prickly pear and apple cider 6% $8/10oz $6/6oz

* Prices subject to change. Tax not included.