What’s on Tap

Name Brewery Style ABV Price
Hell or High Watermelon 21st Amendment American wheat ale brewed w/ fresh juicy watermelon 4.9% $6/16oz $5/12oz $3.5/6oz
Pride Kolsch Fremont 5.5% $6/16oz $5/12oz $3.5/6oz
Copper Mountain Maibock Silver City Rich caramel notes & a refreshingly light hop profile 7.2% $6/16oz $5/12oz $3.5/6oz
Coconut P-51 Wingman Rich malty flavors highlight hints of chocolate and coffee 7.5% $6/16oz $5/12oz $3.5/6oz
Speedway Stout Alesmith Imperial Stout with strong notes of coffee, caramel, and toffee 12% $7/10oz $5/6oz
Manny''s Pale Georgetown Unfiltered, rich & complex w/ a snappy hop finish 5.4% $6/16oz $5/12oz $3.5/6oz
Flurry IPA Skookum Oat IPA with melon and strong hop finish 6.4% $7/16oz $6/12 $4.75/6oz
Aggresively Relaxed Everybodys Brewing Imperial Style DIPA 8.5% $7/10oz $5/6oz
Pilsner Chuckanut Genuine Bohemian style Pilsner. Delicate yet flavorful 5% $6/16oz $5/12oz $3.5/6oz
Carina Peach Sour Ecliptic Loaded with fresh peach flavor, and a tart refreshing finish, perfect for summer! 5.5% $6/10oz $4/6oz
Semi-Dry Bartlett Pear Independent 5.7% $6/10oz $4/6oz
Blackberry Tango Farmstrong Delicate mixture of fresh pressed apples and PNW blackberries, makes this a refreshing summer cider! 7% $7/10oz $5/6oz

* Prices subject to change. Tax not included.