What’s on Tap

Name Brewery Style ABV Price
Coastal Collab IIIPA Pelican Crisp & refreshing triple hopped cold triple IPA 10% $10/10oz $8/6oz
Ecliptic $7/10oz $6/6oz
Amber Full Sail Sweet, malty & medium-bodied amber ale 6% $7/16oz $6/12oz $4.50/6oz
Coco Jones Porter Black Raven Starts off as a rich brown porter with flavors of caramel and chocolate, then aged for a freshly toasted coconut taste 5.6% $7/16oz $6/12oz $4.50/6oz
Snake Eye Stout Ten Pin A thick, rich, super smooth stout 6.3% $6/10oz $5/6oz
Gutterball Hazy Pale Ten Pin Citra & Equinox hops give flavors of star fruit and lemon zest 5.5% $7/16oz $6/12oz $4.50/6oz
Fish Have Feelings IPA AsLan This big, diesely dank IPA hides its ABV quite well 7.2% $7/16oz $6/12oz $4.50/6oz
Pelican 9% $8/10oz $7/6oz
King Crispy Lager Deschutes Crowned winner of Pilsner fest 2021, light crisp and satisfying 4.8% $7/16oz $6/12oz $4.50/6oz
Rose Gose Anderson Valley Kettle-soured beer w rose hips and fresh raspberries 4.2% $8/10oz $7/6oz
Spiced Apple Cider Washington Gold Refreshing apple pie hard cider 5.5% $8/10oz $6/6oz
Dragonfruit Cider Avid NW apples, dragonfruit & raspberry cider 6% $8/10oz $6/6oz

* Prices subject to change. Tax not included.