What’s on Tap

Name Brewery Style ABV Price
Bombshell Blonde Sound Belgian Style Blonde made w/Belgian malts, Trappist yeast & a new German Hop 7.2% $5/Tulip $3.50/6oz
La Fin Du Monde Unibroue Triple fermentation and a blend of special yeasts gives this malt beverage an exquisitely robust flavor 9% $8/Tulip $6/6 oz
Magnificent Bastard Scotch Silvercity Exceptionally smooth with rich maltiness & a touch of smoky peat character 9.2% $8/Pint $7/12oz $5/6oz
Porter Sumerian Rich and creamy w/ a slight roasted bitter taste. 6.2% $5.50/Pint $4.50/12$2.75/6
Belgian Stout pFriem Complex, bold flavors of cocoa & cinnamon w/aromas of coffee & cardamom 11% $7/Tulip $5/6oz
Updraft Pale Black Raven Light pale malt with hints of citrus and melon. 5.5% $6/Pint $5/12 $3.50/6
Cashmere Dream IPA Scuttlebutt Very dry IPA, crisp & clean, brewed w/Cashmere & Mosaic hops w/heavy flavors of passion fruit, apricot & tangerine. 7.2% $6/Pint $5/12oz $3.50/6oz
Enjoy By 4.20 Stone intense double IPA w/more than 10 different hops, employing peach & tropical fruit notes 9.4% $8/Tulip $6/6 oz
Rogers Pilsner Georgetown Sterling hops give this refreshing pilsner a spicy & earthy hop aroma 4.9% $5.50/Pint $4.50/12 $2.75/6
Sonoma Tart Bear Republic A crisp sour made w/guava & passionfruit 5.2% $8/Tulip $6/6 oz
Bing Cherry Cider Ulees Cider made from fresh-pressed Northwest apples & Bing Cherries 4.2% $7/Tulip $5/6oz
Ashmeads Kernel Tieton Single variety cider, tart w/ pear drop character and honey finish. 6.9% $7/Tulip $5/6oz

* Prices subject to change. Tax not included.