My husband Damien and I both grew up on Whidbey Island, although we didn’t meet until adulthood.  We had 2 children when we decided to open the Taproom, we wanted to open a business that would sustain us and our growing family (we have 3 littles now).  When we envisioned the Taproom@Bayview Corner we wanted to create a space where we would want to hang out, somewhere to make people feel comfortable and to be the neighborhood gathering place.  We also  sought to introduce some amazing craft beer to the area and we did!  The Taproom is on a list of the top one hundred craft draft beer purveyors in Washington State.  

We modeled the Taproom after some of our favorite hangouts in Seattle, while bringing our own island touch to the space.  In finding the Bayview Cash Store, we knew we had found our home; it is rich in history and beautifully crafted, and there hadn’t been a bar in the area since sometime in the 40’s, so it was about time that changed!  The Taproom opened its doors in June of 2014 to a welcoming crowd of locals, thirsty for good craft beer!  Since opening we have been able to expand our space to include a full restaurant and family seating!  We hope we see you there soon!

–Tiffany Cortez, Owner

Our humble beginnings…