What’s on Tap

Name Brewery Style ABV Price
Disco Lemonade Aslan Effervescent sour wheat beer w/ hints of lemon 4.5% $7/Tulip $5/Tulip
Tangerine Wheat Lost Coast refreshing citrus ale with natural tangerine flavors 5.5% $6/Pint $5/12oz $3.50/6oz
Kilt Lifter Pike Layers of sweet malt, reminiscent of caramel & toffee, accented by a wee whisper of peat smoke 6.5% $6/Pint $5/12oz $3.50/6oz
King St. Brown Schooner Exact Brown ale w/a mix of milk chocolate and hazelnut 5.5% $6/Pint $5/12oz $3.50/6oz
Dark Star Oatmeal Stout Fremont Dark, mysterious and yet silky oatmeal stout balanced by a firm hop 8% $6/Tulip $4/6oz
Universale Pale Ale Fremont Classic pale w/ rich malt flavor and subtle hop spices 5.6% $6/Pint $5/12oz $3.50/6oz
Hazaelicious IPA Reubens Brews A juicy balanced IPA w/tropical flavors of kiwi and passionfruit 6% $6/Pint $5/12oz $3.50/6oz
Do You Even Zest? DIPA Crooked Stave Citrusy, hazy Double IPA w/freshly zested citrus 7.5% $7/Tulip $5/6oz
Pilsner pFriem PNW pilsner w/aromas of fresh grass, flowers & a touch of honey. 4.9% $6/Pint $5/12oz $3.50/6oz
Citrus Sin Wild Ale Lost Abbey Barrel-aged wild ale combined w/a fresh golden ale & an amazing amount of Blood Oranges. 6.5% $7/Tulip $5/6oz
Strawberry Hard Cider Swift A strawberry infused semi-dry cider 6.5% $7/Tulip $5/6oz
Grapefruit and Chill Schilling Northwest sessionable summer radler style cider is bright, tart, and perfectly balanced for a chill kind of day 6% $7/Tulip $5/6oz

* Prices subject to change. Tax not included.