What’s on Tap

Name Brewery Style ABV Price
Pacific Crest Pale Dru Bru Its fruity, crushable, and perfect for a day on the trail 5.0% $6/16oz $5/12oz $3.5/6oz
La Raza ambar Farmstrong Mexican Lager that is light and crisp with sweet hints of caramel malt 4% $6/16oz $5/12oz $3.5/6oz
Amber Lager Dru Bru A German-style Vienna lager. With a toasty sweetness and a gentle spice overtone. 4.9% $6/16oz $5/12oz $3.5/6oz
Transporter Kulshan English Brown Porter, With hints of chocolate accompany secondary flavors of fresh coffee 4.9% $7/16oz $6/12oz $4/6oz
Speedway Stout Alesmith Sweet malty aroma and nutty with caramel notes 12% $7/10oz $5/6oz
Mosaic Pale Backwoods Notes of papaya, tangerine and blueberries with a floral aroma 4.7% $5.5/16oz $4.5/12oz $3.5/6oz
Flintlock IPA Crucible A juicy and citrus-packed drinking experience 6.6% $6/16oz $5/12oz $3.5/6oz
Beak Breaker DIPA Pelican Mosaic, Citra, and Centennial hops 9% $7/10oz $5/6oz
Lower Deck Lager Diamond Knot hoppy lager starts with a citrus aroma followed by a clean and crisp malt flavor 5% $6/16oz $5/12oz $3.5/6oz
Margarita Gose Cigar City Boasts a thirst quenching tartness that is perfectly balanced by subtle lime 4.2% $6/10oz $5/6oz
The Scout Cider Incline Apple+Marionberry+Hops=Delicious! 6.5% $6/16oz $5/12oz $3.5/6oz
Island Dry Misfit Zero residual sugar, with a nice balanced finish 6% $7/10oz $5.5/6oz

* Prices subject to change. Tax not included.